Do you feel your ‘stuff’ has grown and multiplied without you even noticing and suddenly you have run out of space?

Has this taken you by surprise because you had no idea it had got that bad?

Do you feel embarrassed to have friends around because the house is so cluttered and untidy and anyway, where would they sit?

Are your cupboards and drawers filled to overflowing with goodness knows what?

Kitchen could do with a clear out and detox?

Bathrooms need a bit of a spring clean?

House groaning with so much paperwork and books you can’t see the wood for the trees?


There is no need to be embarrassed. We are unshockable and will be delighted to help.

Working together (or we can work alone if you would rather) we will help you get back an uncluttered organised and spotlessly clean home.

We will bring all materials e.g. boxes, coloured bags, cleaning materials etc. and indeed anything else we decide that you would like us to get to help clear your space.

We can also source storage solutions for you and indeed will do our very best to help with any problems we need to address.

We have a list of charities and organisations that would be delighted to have your cast offs.

Sometimes things just need to go in the bin or we can arrange a Hippo Bag (like a skip but much more user friendly, they do different sizes and are cheaper) if you are having a really good clear out.

You may be struggling with the buildup of years of going out to work, the arrival of a new baby, illness or disability.  We really can help.


Selling your house is a huge undertaking.

You want to present your home to prospective buyers in the best possible light and also to get the best price!

This is the time to be proactive and to start planning and organising how to make your home the most desirable place that anyone would want to live in!

We can help you clear the clutter, tidy the mess, sort storage solutions and clean the area.

Every room presented in an organised and clean and tidy fashion.

Even if you are not intending to move but just want a room in your house re-organised we can do that.

Nothing is too much trouble!

Call Your Fairy Godmother on 01798 815675 or